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Pennsylvania Bill Looks To Ban LOADED GUNS

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Pennsylvania Bill Looks To Ban LOADED GUNS


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NYRM1974 4 years ago

Guns & Gadgets NYRM-1974 now on

The Do Nothing Democrats in Harrisburg are doing everything in their power to attack Pennsylvania Gun Owners Rights. Well jerks that wrote this proposal may as well forget it. Right now we are pushing for Pennsylvania Constitutional Carry and that's just too bad for Harrisburg and Governor Potato Head and his band of monkeys.

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KS4HE 4 years ago

As liberals make the liberal places, i.e. New York, California, un-liveable and flee, they bring the liberal ideas that made the places they're fleeing with them.
This is how formerly good places to live are being converted to liberal, one small idea at a time.
Watch for these liberal refugees and their "good ideas" they bring with them. They can do a lot of damage before people catch on.

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CZ4life 5 years ago

Has there been any update

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Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 5 years ago

Anything they can do to hamper your 2A rights!

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Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical 5 years ago

Democrats have destroyed Pennsylvania. This used to be a good conservative state with constitutional values.

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Blackcat_Outdoors 5 years ago

As a PA resident I contacted my legislators immediately on this one. Pure stupid that will probably go nowhere, but it is always good to be proactive.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 6 years ago

Another reason not to go through or spend any money in PA on my way to see family in Ohio. A hour of Maryland was bad enough. Can always go through WVA.

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slim_cowboy 6 years ago

As a Pennsylvanian this worries me

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