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DIY - Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish Kit

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The perfect finish is a Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish! Our Complete Stock Finish Kit gives you everything you need to finish a new stock or to refinish an old stock. Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish brings out the richness and beauty of fine woods and gives you a tough, long-lasting finish. And, it’s easy to use. Each kit contains a generous supply of professional-grade finishing materials and complete instructions for use.

23801 - Kit includes: 3 oz Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish, 3 oz Walnut Stain, 3 oz Stock Sheen & Conditioner, Fine, Medium and Coarse Papers, Fine Steel Wool, Service and Polish Cloths, & Complete Instruction Guide

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Squib 4 years ago

I don't do staining or much woodwork, but I found this video very educational if I were to stain a stock.

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NYRM1974 4 years ago

Looks great.....

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