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Unreasonable restrictions waste everyones time and can result in loss of individual rights
and freedoms

At what point do we draw the line and refuse to accept any more "Reasonable Restrictions" ??

We hope to wake people up to the fact that there are NO simple answers to tragedy and loss

While we all recognize the US constitution guarantees "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" many feel it is time for some common sense restrictions on high capacity beer containers

In the US, every 90 seconds someone is injured by a drunk driver and every 90 minutes two people die in drunk driving accidents. But, little has been to be done to curb the problem
While anti- car violence campaigns like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have made strides, our elected representatives remain quiet.

Drunk drivers, using high capacity beer containers are able to consume alcohol at a rate much faster then if they use smaller containers.

While we respect the right of the occasional drinker to enjoy a wine cooler or share a bottle of their favorite vintage, there is no justification for large capacity beer containers other than to become intoxicated and destroy lives

Drinkers using 40 ounce containers are able to ingest as much alcohol content as hard liquor; such as the type produced in great quantities by the Soviet Union during the Cold War .. and the types of smuggled into the U.S. from gangs in Mexico

The rising number of drunk drivers using high volume beer containers must be dealt with before any more tragedy occurs.

Does this seem funny?

I might agree if it were not for the group of people intent on villainizing devices like a large capacity magazines and the people that own them.

Our rights.. all of them, will always be at risk it is our responsibility to retain them

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"A forty ounce for breakfast, will get me through the day.." - Blackalicious

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