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Sandhills Shooter 02 Aug 2018

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Senator Blumenthal, are you a LIAR or just a MORON?

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Connecticut senator was not honest on ABC news

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Valkyrie 4 years ago

That's "Danang Dick" Blumenthal, a congenital liar & genetic idiot.
A vicious. & nasty piece of work.

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litlesilver 4 years ago

Actually both, they have no idea what there talking about its pretty sad, the AR is scary my kids cry when the see a gun like that now, what am i going to do. I will save you some money before you go to a psychologist," ALL YOU NEED TO DO" >>LISTEN CLOSELY NOW>> IS CHANGE THE CHANNEL THAT'S IT, you can do it i believe in you, With a lot of practice i think you might be able to overcome this problem your having with LIBERALISM so before they let you out of your stray jacket remember slow or fast turn the page ,you can remember that right .

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