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Sandhills Shooter 14 Jan 2019

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Are Today's Kids Really All Too Stupid To Own Firearms? 18-20 Year Olds Should Be OUTRAGED!

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Why are today's young people being treated like MORONS? We have states that are stripping LEGAL ADULTS of their constitutional rights because lawmakers don't think they can be trusted to think for themselves.

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blqwlf 4 years ago

It's not that kids aren't smart enough at that age, they are not mature enough. A lot of that can be blamed on the public school system and parents that don't parent.
I work with young adults in their mid 20's and they are still not mature enough. The live in their mom's basement and mom take care of me mentality is still there, but that is only financial support and I am always right and everyone else is wrong that don't agree with me mentality.

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Sandhills Shooter
Sandhills Shooter 5 years ago

My parents used to ask me every day what I learned in the public school I went to. Your argument, sir, is invalid. But I'm glad you watched the video, so thank you for your support!!

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Ray_Blackburn 5 years ago

Might want to note kids are only as smart as their own parents make them

Oh you thought the public schools teach kids to be smart?

That really is funny if someone is so dumb they would actually think that LOL

Good parents teach their kids something new everyday but bad parents only ask what they learned in the government run public schools and nothing more

That is the difference between kids that can think for themselves like Ben Shapiro for instance and an idiot kid that is nothing but a mind numbed robot asking questions from a cue card

Which is why the news media's can find so many moron kids on the street that agree with anything they say because of those parents that only ask, What did you learn today? and nothing more

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